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My Journey Finding Yoga and Peace

Hi, I'm Karen.

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to all my new yoga students. My theme for my yoga practice is "Journey to an Open Heart." 

In life we all have had our struggles, pain, hurt, happiness, love, laughter, emotions that are felt every minute of every day.  How can we stay on our path of finding our true self without the impact of others opinions, work, life, or the  outside world tearing us down? This has been my quest for the last 14 years since I lost my 18-year-old daughter tragically. I have taken many paths and journeys, learning and growing as the years have gone by. I have questioned, cried and felt pain that I never thought possible. There were times I questioned if I could continue, yet to awake another day to life,  with the total opposite emotions of love, laughter, joy, peace, and gratitude in my heart for the treasures (my three kids) that God has given to me.

How lucky I am. 

I look around at the beauty that God has given us and I show gratitude to him each day for where I live, the people in my life that have been put on my path to guide me and for the knowledge and understanding that I know to be my truth. 

A question that has been heavy on my mind for years is, "What are my gifts that I can share to lift and help others along their own personal path?" As the days have past and my life has evolved I felt the universe guiding me to a path of yoga and meditation. As a result, off to Bali I went to get my Yoga Teaching Certificate, taught by three wonderful instructors from India, and the UK. I was surrounded by energy that I have never experienced in my life, by other students who where on their personal paths, evolving and seeing what turn was ahead for them and their lives.

My training was intense, yet covered all levels of strength, flexibility and abilities of a student. Every student can do yoga in a safe and secure surrounding. I felt my knowledge and confidence grow, not through my ego, but through my heart of thankfulness and light. The light inside me was seen and brought to my awareness through out my teaching course. My eyes to my soul was awaken and my truth grew.


As I returned home, my thoughts and emotions were overflowing with ideas on how I can help others along their own personal path. My yoga instruction, will be structured around alignment, poses, chakras, breathing, meditation and the philosophy of a yogi.

I hope to help my students become aware of their truths and the paths they are to walk. Sending you Love and light.



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