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Taking Action

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to share a little gem with you that I recently found. It's an AHH-MAZING podcast by Brooke Castillo. Here are a few of her thoughts.

There’s this idea that the more successful people are, the busier they become.

I don’t agree with this sentiment. In reality, “busier” people are simply sloppy with their time management and there is no direct correlation with how successful one is and how much time they have available. This week, I’m excited to share with you a webinar that I recorded on the topic of throwing away your to-do list in which I show you exactly how you can create more time and get more efficient in every area of your life.

Why people are so resistant to planning and organizing their lives.The power of planning every minute of your life.How to become a person who honors their commitments. An exercise to help you clear your brain of your to-do tasks. Why you should NEVER keep an ongoing to-do list. Why nothing on your list needs to be urgent. The secret to getting all of your to-dos done. A recap of making decisions ahead of time.How to deal with urges. And more.

Check out this podcast and start taking action!

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